Honda BF40



The Honda BF40 outboard engine retains its class-leading lightweight, compact packaging, enhanced with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. It features the innovative BLAST™ (Boosted low speed torque) for rapid acceleration, ECOmo Lean Burn Control® for exceptional fuel economy at cruise and NMEA 2000® which shows all engine and fuel data on a GPS screen.

Lightest in class, most fuel efficient in class, best acceleration, the list goes on. Tick all the boxes with the Honda BF40.



A reduction gear is employed to achieve compact engine layout by offsetting the in-line three-cylinder engine forward, while a long-branch plastic inlet manifold and miniaturised electronic components further contribute to the class-topping lightweight, compact design.

Like Honda’s larger outboard engines, the BF40 features a striking ‘wing form’ design, emphasising the design concept of slimness and strength.


As a testament to their quality and reliability, all Honda engines come with a SEVEN year, non-declining, non-commercial warranty or a THREE year commercial warranty. Shop around, you won’t find a better warranty set up than Honda Marine.

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